Welcome to the browser game called Operation-B. It's a strategy game where tactical insight is more important than pure strength and outnumbering the enemy.
In short the game revolves around this: Every player has to form a team of mercenaries, which he will use to beat the opponent. One of these mercenaries will be promoted to be the king. Your goal is to capture the opponent's king.

Bas Bladen


To create your team there are several soldiers and special units at your disposal, each with its own strengths and movements


Bas Bladen
1. Bas Bladen
Gunther Güns
2. Gunther Güns
Boris Bazookski
3. Boris Bazookski
Sir Sean Snipes
4. Sir Sean Snipes

These are the mercenaries which can be hired to complete your team. They all cost the same, have the same strengths and have the same movement limitations.

The picture on the left depicts the attackcycle. The arrow shows which units wins a battle between the two units and the equals sign shows which units will draw in a battle. The picture on the right shows the movement options for each unit.


Movement Overview

Special Units

These units all have their own special abilities which distinct them from the normal soldiers. They come with their up- and downsides, which makes the decision harder whether or not they are a useful addition for your team.


Khalid Kaboomaz
5. Khalid Kaboomaz

This unit will always win a battle against another unit, no matter the strength of the opponent. Because he's a bit reckless with his beloved dynamite, he will also take himself out in the battle. Both units will therefore leave the battlefield. Only Sofia Spionini will be able to persuade him to leave the battlefield without any collateral damage. Therefore if both units end up in a battle, Spionini will win this.
The movement options are a mystery for this unit. Because he's got a mind of its own, his movement options are randomly determined. On the other hand, the advantage of this unit is that it will cost you less gold to add him to your team compared to the other units.

Win Movement Overview Kaboomaz
Bas Bladen Gunther Güns Boris Bazookski Sir Sean Snipes
Sofia Spionini


Sofia Spionini
6. Sofia Spionini

The enemy units are shielded from you. You cannot see which units your opponent has at his disposal and what his next move will be. The spy has an area of influence and she will be able to persuade the opponent's units in that area to reveal themselves. The area of influence is two blocks in all directions counted from the position of the spy.
Besides the area of influence she also has an influence on Kaboomaz. Once the two end up in a battle, Spionini will be the one who wins it. Battles against other units will all result in a loss.
Another downside for Spionini is her movement range. She is able to move one block in all directions. The cost to add her to battlefield is, compared to the other units, average.

Win Movement Overview Spionini
Khalid Kaboomaz
Bas Bladen Gunther Güns Boris Bazookski Sir Sean Snipes

Game Elements

There are two elements, placement and battle, during an active game. An active game ends when the gamelimit expires or as one of the kings has been captured.


Every game starts with this element. You can choose which units you want to place on the battlefield considering the amount of gold you have. Before the game begins and after you have placed at least one unit on the battlefield, you will have to promote one of your units to king.
After five rounds the placement element comes back up and you are allowed to place new units on the battlefield, as long as you have enough funds.
Each placement round stops once the timelimit exceeds or as both players have signaled they're ready.


Each battle round consists of five turns. Each turn a user is allowed to move a maximum of three units. Once three units have been moved, the turn timelimit has reached zero or the player has signaled he's ready, the turn ends.
An unit may be moved according to his movement options. Moving a unit can result in an attack or the collection of an extra. Units cannot move past friendly and enemy units or through obstacles on the battlefield.


While playing a game, it's possible to collect extras


After the first round, three crates will be scattered around the battlefield. Each crate will hold a random amount of gold. Once a unit in your team picks a crate up, the gold will be added to the amount of gold the player already had. Once one or more crates have been collected, the total number of crates will be completed to three.


Conquest Conquest is a team based challenge where four teams battle for ground and defend the color of their team. The goal is to conquer the most territories on the map.

Choose a team and start conquering! What's your color?


Each team consists of five players, initially all players are AI players. Each AI player can be replaced by a human player.

If the conquest game hasn't started yet, it is possible to switch to another team by leaving the current team and joining another one. Once the conquest game has started, you can still leave the team you currently are part of, but you can only rejoin the same team and not another one. It's impossible to leave a team if you started/accepted an attack. Once the attack time frame or the Operation-B game has finished, it's possible to leave your team.


Conquest To attack an enemy territory, start dragging an attack arrow from your own team's territory to the adjacent enemy territory. If it's impossible to attack enemy territories from the selected team's territory, no arrow will appear. If it's possible to attack one or more enemy territories, attack frames will light up to depict the enemy territories which can be attacked.

The following rules state if you can attack
  1. You are in a team
  2. You did not set up an attack
  3. You did not accept an attack
  4. The enemy territory is adjacent to your team's territory


Conquest If an enemy team has attacked one of your team's territories, then it's time to defend that territory. Each attack, which isn't accepted right away by an AI player, has an accept timeframe. As long as the timer is still counting down, it's possible to accept the attack by clicking the attack arrow. Accepting the attack will generate a Operation-B game.

If the game ends in a draw, nothing will happen on the conquest map. If one of the players wins the game, the team that belongs to that player will conquer the territory that was under attack/attacked from. Both the attacker and defender are able to win territory!

AI players will assist in defending your team's territory. If all human players in your team are involved in other conquest games and there are still AI players available, that aren't in a conquest game, in your team the AI bot will immediately accept the attack and defend the territory.

Note: attacks that aren't accepted within the attack timeframe will automatically result in a win for the attacking team and that team will conquer the attacked territory!

The following rules state if you can defend
  1. You are in the team that's under attack
  2. You did not set up an attack
  3. You did not accept an attack
  4. The timer of the attack is still counting down