Terms of Use
Privacy Policy
1. Personal Information
Personal information that you fill in during the registration or the game will not be shared with third parties. It will be used for several security measures. This way we can provide you with a pleasant gaming experience.
2. IP Address
Your IP address will be implicitly and automatically logged for security reasons. It will provide us with the information to identify rule offenders and take care of other security issues.
3. Unsolicited Messages
You will not receive unsolicited ingame messages, e-mails or other messages that contain advertisements or other commercial information from Operation-B.net. The game will automatically send a verification e-mail in the registration process. This way we can verify your e-mail address. We might send you important information messages or e-mails concerning the game.
4. Cookies
To access the ingame content the website requires to place a temporary cookie on your computer. This cookie holds information about your session. After logging out or exiting the browser, the cookie will be deleted. You can choose to turn of the use of cookies in your browser. Unfortunately this means that most content on the website can't be accessed.
5. Security
Both the site and the game have several security measures in place to ensure that the gaming experience is optimal.