Rule 1 - Multiple Accounts
You are not allowed to have multiple accounts to play the game. Nor are you allowed to play against another account with the intention to repeatedly lose, in order to give the other account an advantage. In this case, both accounts will be banned.
Rule 2 - Offensive Language
Use of offensive language will not be tolerated. Whether you are addressing moderators or fellow players, please use proper language and show them the appropriate respect.
Rule 3 - Bugs
When you find bugs, errors or any other flaws in the game, you're not allowed to exploit them. If you come across a flaw, it will be greatly appreciated if you report it to any of the Moderators. Failing to report these flaws will not result in a ban, unless you exploit them.
Rule 4 - Cheating
Cheating in any way or gaining a substantial advantage over your fellow players with a non allowed method will not be tolerated. Whether it's by using automated programs, exploiting bugs (rule 3) or via any other non regulatory way, you don't comply to this rule.
Rule 5 - Bad Behaviour
This game is meant to be fun to play. Ruining this or to spoil the whole game experience for any player isn't allowed.
Rule 6 - Spam
Using the ingame message system or the forum for sending fellow users spam or other large quantities of unsolicited messages and advertisements or commercial messages is strictly forbidden.
If you break any of these rules it might result in a ban of your account from the site.

If you suspect or know someone who has ignored these rules, please let us know via the Ticket System.

The Operation-B Team reserves the right to change the rules at any time without any prior notice.

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